Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Routes of Man, Pages 11-117

In the first chapter, Forest Primeval To Park Avenue, of The Routes of Man, Ted Conover argues that there is a need for satisfaction and that people will go to any length to receive that satisfaction. Conover uses description, narration, and definiton in this chapter. He describes the mahogany wood in a literal sense by stating that it was "beautiful to look at and nice to hold, strong but easy to work, and is not as hard as maple". Conover also tells many stories throughout this chapter. He tells the story of how he traveled with two truckers in a semi rig half way up the andes mountains to Cuzco. He tells of how windy and narrow the roads were for the large semi rig to travel on, but he still chose to ride with because of his desire to to get there. Conover defines mahogany as being valuable and difficult to receive. He states that it is pulled from poor parts of the world with few roads and imported into highly populated areas with many paved roads.